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50ml 75ml 250ml亚克力胶水胶枪

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     50ml亚克力胶水胶枪                                           产品规格                                                       
     Model       50ml-002 Dispenser
     产品名称       50ml亚克力胶水胶枪
     Applied to       50ml-SBS Cartridge Adhesive
     适用       50ml-SBS胶水
     Ratio       10:1
     比例       10:1
     Size       181mm, diameter:23.8mm, diameter:8.1mm, distance:5.2mm
     尺寸:推杆       总长181mm,胶水推柄直径23.8mm,固化剂推柄直径:8.1mm
     两推柄间距       5.2mm
     Color       gray and black
     颜色       推杆黑色,枪架灰色+黑色
     Material       Plastic
     材质       塑胶
     G.w       277g(1 tripod+ 1 push rod+ 1 inner box)
     毛重       277g(1个枪架+1个推杆+1个内盒)
     Inner box Size       18.2×10.7×6.5cm
     内盒尺寸       18.2×10.7×6.5cm
     Pcs/Ctn       50
     整箱数量       50把
     Ctn G.w       15.8kg
    整箱重量       15.8kg
     Ctn size        58.5cm×38.5cm×35cm
     整箱规格        58.5×38.5×35cm

     75ml亚克力胶水胶枪                                 产品规格                                                       
     Model       75ml-002 Dispenser
     产品名称       亚克力胶水胶枪
     Applied to       75ml-SBS Cartridge Adhesive, 50ml-SBS Cartridge Adhesive
     适用       75ml-SBS胶水,50ml-SBS胶水
     Ratio       10:1
     比例       10:1
     Color       black and gray
     颜色       推杆黑色,枪架灰色+黑色
     Material       plastic
     材质       塑胶
     G.w       342g(1 tripod+ 1 push rod+ 1 inner box)
     重量       342g(1个枪架+1个推杆+1个内盒)

     250ml亚克力胶水胶枪                                     产品规格                                                       
     Model       250ml-CHH manual Dispenser
     产品名称       亚克力胶水胶枪
     Applied to       250ml-SBS Cartridge Adhesive
     适用       250ml-SBS胶水
     Ratio       10:1
     比例       10:1
     Color       Green or red
     颜色       绿色或红色
     Material       Metal
     材质       金属
     G.w       1.632kg (1 tripod+ 1 inner box)
     净重       1.632kg(1把胶枪+1个纸盒)
     Pcs/Ctn       6
     整箱数量       6支
     Ctn G.w       10.5kg
     整箱重量       10.5kg
     Ctn size       48×33.5×31cm
     整箱规格       48×33.5×31cm

       We know compare to Acrylic adhesive, modified acrylic adhesive and ployester adhesive have better prices. But for acrylic adhesive, it has below several advantages to make your products much higher quality than other competitors, and win more customers with good reviews. It could also help you to promote your brand and win good reputation in the market. There is an old Chinese saying to share with you "Detail is everything." Hope your business getting better and better.
       1。 变黄。亚克力人造石胶水没有变黄的问题,因为它有较高的UV抵抗力。其它两种胶水都有变黄的问题。会严重影响产品的设计,美观以及用户的体验。容易得到用户投诉,售后成本也会增加。
       1. Acrylic adhesive will not yellowing , which has good UV resistibility. Other two kinds adhesives are easy become yellowing. Seriously effect countertops' beautiful design and user experience. Easy to get bad reviews and hard to do after sale service.
       Modified acrylic adhesive and polyester adhesive are easy to yellowing because both of them have the ployester elements. Pure Acrylic material will not yellowing.
       Color matching. We could produce adhesive accordingly to customers' solid surface sheet color. And it is produced by settled ratio. But the modified acrylic adhesive and ployester adhesive need to add the color paste during fabrication by human being.
       Mix by human is not stable, hard to control the right ratio. It is effected by the workers' experience, good technolohy , work status and mood.

       2. Different strength between acrylic adhesive and other two kinds adhesives. The acrylic glue has long term life time as the same as solid surface. But the other two kinds glue will need to repair after 2-3 years because the strength is not enough. Normally, the market request warranty for countertops is 10 years. If you have to repair every 3 years, the after sale cost will be much higher than the adhesive cost difference between acrylic adhesive and the other ones. And user experience will be seriously effected too.
       3. 专业亚克力人造石胶水可以达到无缝拼接,其它胶水有明显的接缝。
       3。 Acrylic solid surface adhesive can be seamless combination, but other two adhesive with obviously seam.

       4。 人造石管装胶水更便捷,高效,专业,干净
       Compare to modified acrylic adhesive and ployester adhesive, acrylic adhesive is more effecient, professional and clean
       A. 大理石胶水需要工人手工调和,把胶水和固化剂搅拌后使用,胶水不稳定。石英石管装胶水,10:1,固定比例。
       For modified acrylic adhesive and ployester adhesive, workers need to mix the adhesive with hardener/catalyst by hand.
       Mix by human is not stable, hard to control the right ratio. It is effected by the workers' experience, good technolohy , work status and mood.
       But for acrylic cartridge adhesive. It is very stable because the ratio is 10:1 settled and easy applied by the matched glue gun/dispenser.
       B。 工作台面/施工环境更整洁,尤其是终端客户上门安装,显得更专业。
       Make you more professional , especailly when you go to customers' home for countertops installation. Its very clean, tidy and efficent .
       常规的有50ml,75ml, 250ml
       We support 50ml cartridge . 75ml cartridge and 250ml cartridge at any quantity

       Our Service for you:
       1. Adhesive Consistence Customize
       The consistence of adhesive samples all made by standard 15-20 minutes. But we can adjust by your' demands, can do 35 minutes. We can change it to 35 minutes, that it will cost longer time to dry to catch your demands.
       2。 Color Matching
       We have no MOQ for each color, for the colors you do not use commonly, we can support 5pcs, 10pcs custom. Its depend on your requirement.
       3. One USA top Engineer brings Integra Adhesive( which is the top adhesive in the world and sell about 25usd/pc in USA)  technology to join our team. So both our adhesive quality be much improved. The strength of adhesive  match solid surface more. And the colors is more accurate and stable. So it will increase your countertops life time , and much decrease the cost of the after sale service caused by adhesive combination.

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